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Auril's Bane
| Added: Aug 11, 2004 | Notify of Dead Link |
Auril's Bane is a Mod for Icewind Dale that adds new features, quest, items, and spells, and more to make your regular game more fun and exciting. Auril's Bane contains both 'Project Auril' and 'Winter's Bane'

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Lyric Suite
| Added: Oct 02, 2014 | Notify of Dead Link |
This Mod offers you some quests,some NPCs, some items, and some tough battles. For Icewind Dale TotL.

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Unfinished Business for Icewind Dale
| Added: Feb 23, 2008 | Notify of Dead Link |
Like its predecessors for Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate II, Unfinished Business for Icewind Dale aims to restore content and quests that were omitted from the game as shipped.

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